Let me introduce myself. I’m Tracy Waite, a personal trainer based in Cornwall. I specialise in fitness and wellness, feeling well through movement. I believe that by using our bodies well we can truly feel happier.

I have a passion for fitness as it has played a key role in improving my life and general well being. Combining functional and lifestyle fitness with wellness and self-care.

“Tracy as a person just radiates positivity and joy. She takes a keen and genuine interest in the events I am running in and my targets both short and long term. Each week I have a new program and this is set around my life,( long hours and young kids), and we are in daily contact, with each session discussed to see what works and what doesn’t. Now after 5 months the results have been truly amazing, I feel and look much better and my times are improving but that’s only half the story. I am a much happier and confident runner and even if I DNF I look to the positives rather than beating myself up about not finishing. This year I have entered a 24 hour, 36 hour and a 160 mile hill race along with a few others and I have total confidence in Tracy to get me to the start line injury free, happy and confident ready to relish the challenge. Tracy as a coach makes the impossible possible” – Dean, Ultra runner

My philosophy is strong body results in a stronger mind and all of my personal training sessions include maximum support from myself throughout. I train alongside all of my clients, becoming your training buddy as well as your personal trainer, keeping you motivated and focused.

I understand how exercise can have such a positive effect on our lives, helping us look and feel fitter, healthier and happier. In 2003 I had an accident that resulted in major surgery to both hips. Home rehabilitation and strengthening has left me an even fitter and stronger person than I was before and I aspire to help others achieve the same.

Exercise doesn’t only benefit the body but also our inner self, helping to deal with the stresses that life may throw at you. I focus on self-care, wellness and help you find a life balance that in today’s busy lifestyles we tend to lack. Using a client centred approach, ensuring that each session is focused on your individual needs, while also allowing you to self direct your goals and path, which can change with personal circumstance, health and interests.

I work with people to improve fitness and motivation, taking them on their own journeys to a fitter, happier, healthier self, increasing confidence and determination to realise their own potential.

Working from Paddy’s Mill wellness centre, Hayle, I offer both 121, 221 wellness coaching both in person or online. Using mainly body weight, resistance bands and light equipment to encourage strength building for both our physical and emotional health.

“After having my third child, I struggled to get back in shape on my own. Running was not enough, so I enlisted the services of Tracy. She came to see me at home, as I had a three month old baby. Tracy carefully ascertained my level of fitness on an initial visit, in her bright, positive, encouraging way and we started training twice a week. Training with Tracy gave me back my confidence, not only in my physical appearance but in my ability to achieve fitness and strength that I didn’t know I was capable of. She worked with me, coping with my children (even involving my baby – she made quite a good weight!) and always pushing me further. Less than three years later, Tracy trained me in preparation for my first marathon. She gave me absolute belief in my ability to complete the marathon, training me not only physically but mentally and in terms of my nutrition and preparation in every way. She turns up at my house at 5.30am so I can fit the session in to my day, works around whatever else is going on and encourages me with an infectious personality and enthusiasm. Tracy and I continue to train and I know I have the care and support not only of a trainer, but a friend who goes above and beyond to look out for every aspect of my wellbeing.” – Hannah Eustice
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