· CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor

· CYQ Level 3 Personal Training

· CYQ Level 2 & 3 Anatomy and Physiology

· Cardio Bike Instructor

· Suspension Training Instructor

· Kettle Bell Instructor

· Qualified First Aid

· FitPro UK Member and Insured with FitPro

· Level 2 and 3 Award in Nutrition for Exercise and Health

· MHFA Mental Health First Aid

· ASSIST First Responder Suicide First Aider

· CPD Courses including ‘Cancer and Exercise’, ‘Eating and Exercise for Mental Health’, ‘COVID Rehab Certification’,  ‘Perimenopause through to Post-menopause’, ‘Training Clients with Long Term Health Conditions’, ‘Reducing Stress with Meditation and Visualisation’

“Don’t shoot the horse: rehab week 3 – So, shift in the rehab focus this week. My back is much better, thank goodness, but my knee has really flared up and the physio has told me to ease completely off anything that aggravates it. So not only no running, but no bike, no rowing, no squats, no lunges, no step ups, no burpees… I actually feel pretty broken with it all on Friday. I didn’t see how I could work out at all and could see that by the time the knee had settled I was going to have lost strength and fitness and have to build up from scratch again. And Diligently doing my rehab exercises but getting so, so bored of them!
But Tracy had put so much thought into my session today. We challenged my back a bit by reintroducing some exercises and adapted others so I could do them without making my knee cross. It was varied and fun and sweaty and I felt like I’d actually had a proper workout and made progress. Extra session booked for Saturday so hopefully even more then…” – Carolyn Campbell
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