A safe space to move, feel well and escape.

The company will be offering help to members of the community that have a physical and/or mental difficulty and/or those feeling isolated, that prevents them from leading an active life. Most individuals participating in our projects will live in Hayle and the surrounding areas. Participants will be Socially prescribed to the projects we offer by the SPWT of Bodriggy and Stenack Surgeries, sign posted by support groups of the Community sector, and those individuals that have been identified to me through my personal training and wellness coaching business as those who would benefit from such services.

Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on our mental health. It can help relieve stress, improve memory, help aid better sleep and boosts your overall mood. Focusing on physical training as a potential tool and coping strategy, to help improve both physical and mental health. 

Project title ‘PAC, physical activity community’

PAC4MEN, Wednesday. Outdoor small group training sessions for men with long term physical and/or mental health conditions. Bringing people together who are on a similar journey, to connect and work alongside each other, while being given permission to spend some time on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Using body weight exercises, resistance bands and light equipment, the participants can build a good strong relationship with their bodies as a tool to support their emotional health.

PACRUN. Thursday. A good run or workout after a tough day can help quieten the internal dialogue and reduce feelings of despair, which in turn can make us more productive to use exercise as a coping strategy in times of increased stress. 

SOULRUN. Monday. Mixed gender running group, offering both beginner and progressive groups. Running with no pressure of time, pace or position.

These sessions offer a safe space to explore ’emotional release and connection through physical activity’.

We are excited to announce that PAC has been awarded funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to allow this project to run until May 2024.


yoga for rest and be 

We are super excited to collaborate with Lauren from #blackdogliving to offer our latest project service. 5 weeks ‘Rest and be yoga’, a space to unwind the tensions of body and mind.

Join our small group sessions where Lauren will hold space to focus on gentle movement and guided relaxation. Sessions are suitable for all, in particular the frayed, frazzled and those of you that need to carve out time for self-care and wellbeing.

11.15-12.15 and 1.30-2.30pm Fridays, from Laurens lovely small group yoga studio situated in the Hayle Towans. £45 for 5 weeks, with a pre and post block consultation and check in with myself at Paddys Mill wellness Centre, Hayle.

Wednesday walking and connection group.

This group is exactly what it states. We walk, we connect. 

Patients who are dealing with chronic physical/emotional health, and those that are dealing with isolation, are socially prescribed to the group through their GP surgeries. We meet at Paddy’s Mill Wellness Centre, Hayle 3pm every Wednesday. Walking and talking and being outdoors in nature for an hour can do wonders for both our physical and mental health, while connecting with others and ‘making friends’ along the way. 

We are excited to announce that the Wednesday walking and connection group has been awarded funding through the National Lottery Community Fund, to allow this project to run until June 2024.

Contact your ‘link worker’ at your local GP surgery for details on Social prescribing to any of these projects, or contact me using the button below. Hayle area.

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past project 2023, mindful movement and connection PACW50+

A small group, women 50+ with long term health conditions. This is a socially prescribed group for patients sign posted to us for a 5 week block of training. Applying some simple and effective exercises to facilitate daily activities as we age. Using body weight and resistance bands this is a gentle approach to strength training that can be applied to your daily/weekly routine to help build a stronger relationship with their body and help increase confidence in their body’s capability. 


Wednesday walking group

3 – 4pm meeting at Paddy’s Mill Wellness Centre or Asda, Hayle

PAC 4 MEN towans run

Thursdays 6 – 7pm meeting at Paddys Mill Wellness Centre, Hayle

PAC 4 MEN towans run

Thursdays 6 – 7pm meeting at Paddy’s Mill Wellness Centre, Hayle

Soul Running beginners and progressive 

Monday 6 – 7pm meeting at Paddy’s Mill Wellness Centre, Hayle