The biggest challenge that I faced while running was actually accepting the help from my crew. I’m fiercely independent and asking for help isn’t a strong point of mine, having people do too much for me can set off my anxiety, leaving me feeling suffocated and out of control. So having a crew of 4 people all spending so many hours and miles assisting me along the way was a scary prospect. 

Mile 57 sat outside Marazion cemetery with pea head tending to my feet while Bert hands me a green tea led to uncontrollable sobs….

I wasn’t totally sure why I was crying, I just needed to cry. Having such special people go out of their way over these two days to help me achieve my goal, making it as comfortable and lovely as possible was totally overwhelming. 

…pony, pea, bert and wolf….the 4 coming together as a super power to help me on my journey is something I will never ever forget.