Rising with the first light, encouraged by the dawn birds song, my trainers and I set off for another journey on foot before coffee.

Tracing some old steps from yesterday and linking with new, I’m welcomed by natures busyness and no sign of human activity as yet.

Soul running for me is running guided by feel and using my senses to reconnect with the path. Living in Gwithian, I am treated with the crisp light the coast has to offer, the colours of the sea against the land and sky, the sounds of birds, the ocean and people happily walking their dogs or joining friends. Here inland at the bothey, I run through bird song a plenty, various farm animals chattering, pheasants doing their thing, a sea of green colour, wildflower scent from the hedgerows, an overwhelming smell of ferns. On my return to the Bothy I am reminded of the welcoming scent of the wood burner which boasts stories of previous stays, cosy nights and shelter from the Cornish winter months.

I meet Will’s mum while she tends to the various farm animals on the land as I drink my morning coffee, we talk all things birdlife and she tells me of some baby owls in the woodland below. Will and his family are wonderful hosts. They truely love and respect the land, it shows in their calmness and movement around the property.

Staying at the Bothy has nourished more than I had imagined. It offers the ‘off grid’ feels, with small luxuries of electric and well equipped necessities. My sleep was both ultra comfortable and un disturbed, do not underestimate the comfort of a single camp bed! This was better than any hotel bed I have ever slept on. I must admit I did bring an added luxury of my duvet and pillow, as I realised when packing that I gave my sleeping bag away to Elvis (not his real name) the homeless friend I made last winter.

Camp bed packed up, coffee drank, floor swept and one final check to see if I have packed everything, and off I return to my life on the coast feeling re connected and re charged. #leavenotrace

Will, I can’t thank you enough for the chance to spend these hours here. Looking forward to planning the waite escapes at Barley Mill Bothy, and sharing this experience with you all. And the bonus is, it’s just up the road, limited travel time, ultra experience.