My first ever podcast.

Wow, was I scared. I cannot describe the nerves and feelings of imposter syndrome that I experienced on the run up to this recording.

Turns out that as soon as the three of us met remotely and started chatting, it was actually quite enjoyable and easier than I had built it up to be.

Jay Grady, an amazing friend and my soft tissue therapist is one of the hosts of the podcast, so immediately seeing his ginger bearded smiley face on screen helped my nerves melt away, and meeting Tris for the first time on this recording was like meeting an old friend.

here is the link and a bit about the content. Have a listen and let me know what you think…


Tell us a little about yourself: I’m lucky to live here in Kernow. I have been running now for about 7 years. My first ever trail run10km was 2016, I started as a PT in 2015 after the passing of my dad a couple of years before. His death made me re-evaluate my life decisions and I began running and cycling to facilitate my grief in a more positive way after the initial self-medication with alcohol. I used, and still do use, running as my meditation and medication. It allows me to feel, to think, to process and not to mask any internal feelings that need to be felt.

I run a PT, wellness coaching and escape business. Escapes are designed to use this time away to move well, fuel well, feel well and escape. But really, my main reason for doing my job is to pass the love of movement and wellness on, not to get new clients.

Tell us about your running: Run The World Adventures Costa Rica, 150km from Cerro de la Muerte to Drake in 6 days. 16 runners from around the world were chosen to take on a new route never to be run before with Pablo Rodrigues and Sergio Sanchez.

My ‘100 to support Local Businesses’, I ran my first 100 miles from my home in Gwithian along the coast to Church Cove (where we left Dad’s ashes) then inland to Helston and back to the North Cliffs to Godrevy head. I was raising awareness of the small local businesses right on your doorstep no matter where you live. I spent a few months visiting the local places and wrote short reviews for them.

TCC – The Coastal Challenge – Costa Rica, the year after the Run The World Adventures, 230km 10,000m+ elevation, a 6 day multi stage event.

My brother’s 40&40 My brother Kevin and I ran his first ever 40 miler on what would have been my Dad’s birthday to raise money for Cornwall hospice care. It was Kev’s 40th year, his first ultra, and his first and only marathon run as part of his training. This was a very special event for us both. I planned the training, route and the crew, it was a very proud moment when he crossed that finish lin

The North Coast Challenge, 145 miles (150 due to a number of times getting lost 🙈), 7620m elevation. Solo attempt – Finished.

Coast path, I’ve just finished a 200+ mile traverse of the South Cornish coast path and then ran the additional distance home to Hayle, for no other reason other than it completed the journey. To have driven home from Lands End just wouldn’t have felt right for me.

“It’s important to run freely and have fun, like we did as children. Running should be fun!”