Another podcast done, and I must say I am really enjoying this now. This time I had the pleasure with talking all things running, wellness and self care with Trevor Lee. I first met Trevor at the Cornwall Running Show, which myself and David Andrewartha held at Heartlands, Pool, April 17th 2022. Trevor had kindly agreed to hold a live podacst at the show, in which I got to chat to him and offer some content in that live podcast at the show.

Chatting with Trevor was just an absolute delight. The time flew by, and I am excited to meet again and record a further episode for 44@60.

In this episode of the Running 44@60 podcast I talk about personal training, my story to becoming a PT and share some great thoughts and advice including:

  • Why you should invest in self-care
  • That nothing is too small when it comes to being active – so don’t think ‘I only run/walked a parkrun’
  • And likewise nothing is too big – everything is achievable with the right mindset, belief and action
  • Everybody knows the answers they just need to say it out loud to someone who believes in them
  • Start everyday with a smile