As we sat listening to Stevie Nicks, edge of seventeen, feeling full on homemade Caribbean plantain curry, I announced I would write a blog. What would I write about? Well what was on my mind?

relocating for 6 weeks to my paradise, that’s what.

Why do we come to Costa Rica yearly? Well this is a long story, but one that started here 5 years ago. I’ll make it brief.

The egg and pony met here. They then ran through the jungle for days, developing a bond that would soon find them in a partnership a few months later.

We have returned annually ever since, one year to run the 6 day multi stage ultra marathon, The Coastal Challenge, which is still to this day, the most amazing 6 day event yet. Although there are no plans to enter such lavish events here in the near future, the daily run practice is firmly in place, where ever we are in the world. Thats the beauty in the art of running, it’s a tool to a balanced wellbeing, invites feelings of connection with your environment and a valuable form of transportation.

And fast forward to now…my body reacts with difficulty in the colder months. Without going into too much detail, as I like to keep alot of my life close to my chest, we decided last year that a relocation for 4 weeks should be piloted.

I brought my work with me, it worked well, and this year we decided to extend the time here to 6 weeks.

So fast forward again.

Here we are, in Matapalo, Samara, in the same apartment that worked so well for our work patterns and needs, so why change what’s working?

Today is a Monday. We are almost 3 weeks into our stay. Today has been full on!

Early wake up, clients all morning online, an involved meeting for the Waite Room CIC, and as a result of that meeting, a full day of laptop work.

Days are not always like today, Our routine mainly looks like this.

I rise, I run into the sunrise. I return, train clients online, make a watermelon smoothie, continue with work. Walk along the beach to Samara to hunt out papa pipa fria, walk back. Lunch on more fruit and fresh avocados the size of a small humans head, work, walk again, swim, afternoon hot run, more work in between.
but then
the sun threatens to set
we drop tools
we head back to the beach,

This is the alarm that todays work is done.

Working here is more balanced than I can imagine at home in Cornwall. But I love both locations much as each other and welcome both. I can’t remember the last time I spent the time out of work to appreciate the sunset at home, maybe this should be a promise I make myself for my return? Just once a week? Who knows? Let’s see….

Here is Pura Vida

Here is for my body to recover

Here is for papaya the size of my head

Here is for warmth on my skin

Here is for my heart to beat louder than it has ever beaten

Here is egg and pony living their promise to themselves

Here there is still lots of work although to the outside world it may seem not

Here is not a holiday, it’s a relocation


I realised a while ago, that I am in charge.

I am the creator of my own destiny.

With work, love and trust, we can write the next chapter of our book.

We just need to be brave and believe.

Will we come back again next year? Well of course, we live here now 🙏